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Venetia is an Italian region, which is one of the most popular ones among the tourists from the whole Europe. There are Dolomites, the lake Lago di Garda, the Venetian lowlands, the ancient town of Verona, Padova and Venice. The visitors can enjoy the Etrusian culture, the Greek, Roman and Gothic architecture. Dolomites are in the northern part of this region and there are many popular ski resorts. The coastline of Venetia is washed by the Jordan Sea and its surface is flat with many long beaches. The centre of the region is Venice, a town built in the Venetian lagoon on 118 islands with the infrastructure based on water canals. Apart from the interesting historical and cultural sights, Venetia offers its visitors also relaxation in the seaside resorts. There are many possibilities of doing sports in the inlands, in the mountains or in the water.  



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