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If you are hesitating whether to go on vacation to the popular resort of Bibione in northern Italy by own car or take the bus, maybe you would like some information about going to this time-tested seaside destination.

Bibione - cesta autem 2014


Recommended route by car Prague - Bibione

It can be said without exaggeration that when traveling by car there is nothing to be afraid of and less experienced or older drivers can handle it, because the worst section of the road leads through the territory of the Czech Republic. Beyond the borders, you will drive onto the motorway and exit it almost at the destination. The shortest way from Prague leads through České Budějovice, formerly. border crossing Dolní Dvořiště (now without passport controls) - we recommend refueling here, you can no longer buy cheaper petrol or diesel on the way. In addition to a full tank, you can also buy a motorway stamp for Austria - a ten-day stamp costs about CZK 270 at a petrol station near the border, but if you want to save money, you can buy it at a petrol station in Austria for EUR 8.50.

Continue along the E55 in the direction of Linz to the A7 motorway. After Linz, take the A1 in the direction of Salzburg / Graz / Passau. At Salzburg, take the A10 in the direction of Italien / Slowenien / Graz / Villach. Along the way you will pass the so-called Tauern tunnels, for which you pay 11.50 EUR / way. After the commissioning of the second tube of the Katschberg tunnel, there are no such congestions in the season, which we were used to 5-10 years ago. At Villach, take the A2 motorway in the direction of Italien / Villach / Udine and after about 30 km you will arrive at the border with Italy - there are no passport controls either, but beware! Very often, Austrian police officers stand in front of the border and check whether passing cars have a highway sign on them.

In Italy, take the A23 motorway in the direction of Udine and then the A4 in the direction of Venezia, take the Latisana / Lignano / Bibione motorway exit, where you will pay a toll. In Italy, the toll is paid according to the actual mileage - when entering the motorway, you take a ticket in the automatic turnstile (usually already ready or you press the red button) and when you exit it, you give it to the staff in the window and pay the required amount. The fee for the route to Latisana in 2018 is EUR 11.20.

After exiting the motorway in Latisana, drive in the direction of Lignano and near the village of Bevazzana, about 3 km before Lignano, you will see a Bibione turnoff at the roundabout to the right. Then follow the signposts and in less than 5 km you are at the destination.

Fee for a journey to Bibione

To save costs, we always recommend you to refuel full fuel tank still in the Czech Republic, and Austria and least in Italy - here is the most expensive fuel. Current fuel prices in Austria and Italy and how to save during refueling can be found here.
Motorway tax sticker Austria for 10 days: 8,50 EUR
Fee for passageway through Tauern tunnels: 11 EUR
Fee for motorway in Italy: 11,20 EUR
Fee for whole one journey: 27 EUR about 700,- CZK
Price of fuel: 1860,- CZK  (calculation based on average consumption 8,0 l/100 km and average diesel price 37, - CZK/l)

Total cost per one journey: 2.560,- Kč



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