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Friuli Venezia Giulia is an Italian region right next to the borders with Austria. The southern part of the region is wwashed by the Jordan Sea and there are many touristic resorts. There are many pretty and clean beaches and a gradual entrance into the sea. Friuli Venezia Giulia has also a rich cultural heritage. The capital city is Udine, where you can find traces of the old Roman civilisation. Other significant towns of the region are Trieste, Gorizia or Pordenone. The popular seaside resorts are mainly Grado and Lignano, the mountain resorts are Tarvisiano and Karnie. Lignano is popular for more than 30 years already for not only family holidays. Lignano offers its visitors many options for amusement (an aquapark, a zoo, amusement parks, disco clubs, weekly markets, busy streets with bars and cafes, but also calm parts with villas and greenery). Friuli Venezia Giulia consists of mountains in the north and a rather flat surface in the south. This region is known also for its wine yards and the local delicious cuisine. 


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