Campania is located in the southern part of the Italian peninsula and its western coast is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The capital city of this region is Neapol. Campania is perfect for tourism thanks to its cultural and historical heritage and for the surrounding natural scenery. The are many natural phenomenons such as the still active volcano Vesuv, Amalfi coast or a few nearby islands. There are also severla national parks or reservations. The coastline is indented and rocky with sandy or pebbly beaches.  The area is known also for the high number of cultural and historical  sights as well as for architectural masterpieces. The most famous ones are Pompeii and Herculaneum, but there are many castles, citadels and amphitheatres. The islands Ischia and Capri. are also worth visiting.  Campania is known for its nature, indented coastline and the crystal clear sea. Its land is very fertile, also thanks to the volcano Vesuv. The most popular towns are  Neapol, Benevento, Sorrento, Pompeje, Amalfi, Paestum and Pozzuoli.


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