Offered Discounts



First Minute Discount

This is the early booking discount provided to all customers who make their reservations long before their check-in date. For summer stays, this usually means reservations confirmed before the end of January, February, or sometimes March. The discount rate and its expiry may differ from one stay to another and the applicable rates are shown in the price list of each lodging facility. See our current offer of first minute stays here.


Last Minute Discount

This discount is provided for the last remaining vacancies in various lodging facilities, usually only a short time before the check-in date. See our current offer of last minute stays here.


Up to 5% Discount for Your Review

The discount for review is only applicable once and is provided when you have purchased a holiday stay from us and posted your review of the stay after returning home on our website. The base discount rate for a posted review is 2 %. Additional 1% discount is provided if you agree to have your first name, last name, and city of residence published. And if you upload 5 or more pictures, you are entitled to further 2% discount. So, the total discount for your review may add up to 5 %.

This discount can be combined with first-minute and last-minute discounts. Your discount expires 1 year from the date of your review.

The discount cannot be combined with any Promotion Code.

Promotion Code (Special Discount Code)

This is a one-time discount which can be combined with both first-minute and last-minute discounts. However, it cannot be combined with other discount types, such as the review discount or one-time client discount. Please enter your Promotion Code at our homepage (in the left pane, under customer reviews). When you enter the Code, you will see both original prices and prices after discount, so you can see instantly how much you save.


One-Time Client Discount

This is a discount provided to a specific client. You may combine it with first-minute or last-minute discounts and with your review discount. You may not combine it with any Promotion Code.


Facebook Fan's Discount

This is a discount offered to our Facebook fans. When you find this particular code on our FB profile, you may enter it as your Promo Code at our homepage (in the left pane, under customer reviews). When you enter the Code, you will see both original prices and prices after discount, so you can see instantly how much you save.


Blog or Web Link

Did you enjoy our services and share your experience with others? Have you published a link to our website on your blog or a similar website, along with the description of your holiday with us? Send us a link to your page and we will be happy to send you a Promo Code or a small gift in return.


Conditions for applying discounts

- discounts apply only to the basic price and are not provided from surcharges, transport, insurance, etc.

- discount can be applied only for stays of min. 3 nights

- the customer has the right to always apply the discount that is most advantageous for him

- the right to a discount is conditional on the payment of 50% of the deposit (unless stated otherwise in the conditions of the event)

- the discount is provided only at the client's request when ordering the trip, additionally the discount cannot be accepted

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