Risk-Free Booking

    • Thinking of a holiday by the sea, would you like to take advantage of interesting first minute discounts or choose your favorite apartment number, but you are afraid that you will not be able to travel in the summer?
    • Is cancellation insurance not enough for you, because it only covers serious obstacles such as illness, etc.?
    • Do you want to be completely flexible and able to cancel your stay without giving a reason?
    • Are you worried that in case of cancellation you will only get back a voucher for the amount already paid?
    • Do you want the money back in full when you cancel your stay?


    Dovolená bez rizika

    We have prepared a completely new Risk-Free Booking product just for you.


    How does a risk-free holiday work?

    You simply order this service at the same time when booking your stay, as well as, for example, cancellation insurance or travel insurance, and you pay 50% of the total price of the stay. If you decide within 33 days before the start of your stay that you want to cancel the booking, you do not have to explain why, we do not require any confirmation from a doctor, etc. Simply send an email requesting a holiday cancellation and you will have the money back in your account immediately (within 7 days at the latest).


    What are the advantages compared to insurance cancellation?

    Cancellation insurance covers only serious and unforeseeable events such as accident, illness, accident during the holiday, quarantine, etc. The reason must always be documented by a doctor, etc. and the insurance company deducts a co-payment of 20% of the total cancellation fees. For a risk-free holiday, simply report that you want to cancel the reservation, there is no need to prove anything and you will get back 100% of the paid price of the stay.


    What are the other conditions of the Risk-Free Booking service?

    This service can be ordered only at the time of booking and must be paid together with a deposit of 50% of the total price of the stay. The price of this service is 5% of the total price of the stay. It is not possible to change or cancel this service after concluding the contract and paying the deposit for the stay. In case of cancellation no later than 33 days before the start of the stay, the client will be refunded the full price of the stay. For previously confirmed reservations, this service can be ordered no later than February 28, 2021.


    How will a possible cancellation take place in practice?

    For example, in February you buy a stay for July in the total price of  EUR 1,000 and pay a deposit of EUR 500 + a fee for the Risk-Free Booking service in the amount of EUR 50 (ie 5% of the total price of the stay). Then during May you decide that you do not want to go on holiday. Within 33 days before the start of the stay, send a message from the registered email (the email from which you made the reservation) that you are canceling the stay without giving a reason. Italieonline will cancel your stay and immediately refund the paid deposit of EUR 500. The deposit will be refunded automatically to the bank account or payment card from which the payment was made.


    What guarantee do I have that I will really receive the payment on time? Aren't you going bankrupt?

    Italieonline has a strong capital base, which has already had a very positive effect on the mass cancellation of stays by clients during 2020, when the vast majority of payments to clients were returned on the same day they requested the cancellation. The financial health and stability of Italieonline is evidenced, among other things, by the conclusion of insurance against bankruptcy of the travel agency, which we have valid until 31 December 2021, so you will not lose your money.


    FAQ - frequently asked questions


    How is the cancellation of the stay without the purchase of additional services if the borders are closed or the holiday destination is quarantined?

    If a destination or border is closed during your holiday period, we will offer you a change of date or destination, or the issuance of a voucher for an amount already paid with a validity of 1 year.


    I have taken out cancellation insurance and, for example, just before leaving, our child will get sick. How to proceed?

    It is understandable that you will not want to go on holiday without a family member and you decide to cancel the holiday completely. The insurance company will require a medical certificate of illness / hospitalization, etc., Italieonline will issue a confirmation of the amount of the cancellation and the insurance company will pay you 80% of the total amount of the cancellation fee.


    How is the cancellation of a stay with a paid Risk-Free Booking service?

    In this case, simply send a request for cancellation of the stay from the registered email address no later than 33 days before its start and Italieonline will cancel it and immediately return the already paid price to your bank account or payment card from which you paid for your stay.


    I booked my stay for the summer in December, is it possible to use the Rsik-Free Booking service?

    Yes, this service can be ordered in addition to previously confirmed reservations, but no later than February 28, 2021. If you are interested, please contact us by email, we will be happy to send you a contract with the addition of this service. If you have taken advantage of the reduced deposit offer, you will also need to pay a surcharge of up to 50% of the stay.


    Should I book a Risk-Free Booking service or cancellation insurance?

    It depends on what situation you want to handle. If you are worried that you will not be able to travel on holiday, we recommend a Risk-Free Booking. If you think that travel will be without problems in the summer (as in the summer of 2020) and you are more worried about a situation where, for example, children may get sick at the last minute before departure and you will not be able to go on holiday, we recommend taking out cancellation insurance. A combination of both services is appropriate to cover all these risks.


    What if I want to change the date of my stay, is it possible to cancel the Risk-Free Booking service?

    Unfortunately, this service is strictly tied to the contract and the date of stay and its use begins with the conclusion of the contract. After payment of the deposit, it cannot be canceled and the fee for it will not be refunded, as well as the insurance fee. If you want to change the date of stay, it is possible to order the Risk-Free Booking service for a new date of stay, the price will be calculated based on the price of the new stay.


    What if I decide to cancel my stay, for example, a week before it starts and I have paid for the Risk-Free Booking service?

    Risk-Free Booking service covers only the period from the conclusion of the contract to 33 days before the date of commencement of the stay specified in the contract. If you decide to cancel your stay less than 33 days before the date of stay, the stay will be canceled with a cancellation fee according to the General Terms and Conditions - we recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.











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