Safe Holiday - tailor-made insurance

SAFE Holiday - Flexi


  • free cancellation up to 33 days before the start of the stay
  • holiday cancellation insurance
  • technical assistance of motor vehicles
  • immediate financial support € 400 in case of theft

Price: 5% of the price of the stay

* If the stay costs 500€ the price is 25€
SAFE Holiday - Easy


  • free cancellation up to 33 days before the start of the stay
  • holiday cancellation insurance
  • technical assistance of motor vehicles
  • immediate financial support € 400 in case of theft

Price: 6% of the price of the stay

* If the stay costs 500€ the price is 30€
SAFE Holiday - All inclusive

All inclusive

  • free cancellation up to 33 days before the start of the stay
  • holiday cancellation insurance
  • technical assistance of motor vehicles
  • immediate financial support € 400 in case of theft

Price: 10% of the price of the stay

* If the stay costs 500€ the price is 50€

Enjoy your holiday without any worries and choose the services and insurance for your peaceful holiday:

Dovolená bez rizika


Free cancellation up to 33 days before the start of the stay

- Are you thinking about a holiday by the sea, would you like to take advantage of interesting first minute discounts or choose your favorite apartment number, but you are afraid that you will not be able to travel in the summer?

- Do you want to be completely flexible and able to cancel your stay without giving a reason?

- Are you worried that in case of cancellation you will only get back a voucher for the amount already paid?

- Do you want your money back in full when you cancel your stay?

This service can only be booked at the time of booking and must be paid together with a deposit of 50% of the total stay. If you decide within 33 days before the start of the stay that you do not want to start the stay, you do not have to explain why, we do not require any confirmation from the doctor, etc. Just send an email asking for cancellation and account. It is not possible to change or cancel this service after concluding the contract and paying the deposit for the stay.

How will a possible cancellation take place in practice?

In February you will buy a stay for July in the total price of € 1,000 and you will pay a deposit of € 500 + a fee for the Safe Holiday service. Subsequently, during May, you will decide that you do not want to start your stay. Within 33 days before the start of the stay, send a message from the registered email (the email from which you made the reservation) that you are canceling the stay without giving a reason. Italieonline will cancel your stay and return the paid deposit of € 500 to you immediately. The deposit will be refunded automatically to the bank account or credit/debit card from which the payment was made.


Cancellation insurance in case of illness, accident, etc.

- Are you worried about unexpected inconveniences before you go on holiday?

- Are you going on holiday with children who are often ill?

Cancellation insurance covers the risk of cancellation or shortening of the trip for serious reasons on the part of the client. Insurance coverage includes death, illness or injury of a passenger or family member, dismissal due to redundancy, summons to testify and other risks specified in the insurance conditions.

How will a possible cancellation take place in practice?

Before you go on holiday, your child will get sick and it will not be possible to start your stay. You will notify the travel agency as soon as possible and the travel agency will cancel the reservation, charge you the relevant cancellation fees and, if necessary, return the overpayment. At the same time, you contact the insurance company, which you will report the insured event and submit the required documents (medical report) and confirmation from the TA about the amount of the cancellation fee. The insurance company will reimburse you 90% of the cancellation fee. E.g. with the price of a stay of € 1,000 and a cancellation fee of 50%, the TA will charge you a cancellation fee of € 500 and the insurance company will reimburse you € 450.


Technical assistance of the vehicle for the entire stay

- Are you worried about the breakdown of your car on the way to vacation or back?

- Do you not have accident insurance or paid assistance abroad?

- Do you not want to deal with possible problems in the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown in a foreign language?

For a quiet holiday without worries, we have included in the package the technical assistance of a motor vehicle, which you have available for the entire stay that you have booked with us. If you encounter a vehicle breakdown or accident abroad, you can contact the helpline to help you rectify it. The assistance consists mainly in securing a service technician, on-site repairs or towing to the service and, in the event of a major defect, also in securing an overnight stay, renting a replacement vehicle or transporting the vehicle back home. The insurance also covers any co-participation in your accident insurance or the cost of a replacement driver.


Insured event

Individual insurance limits

(total limit € 2,000 per insured event)

Car accident repair costs

€ 80

The cost of towing the vehicle to the nearest service center

€ 200

Transport and accommodation in the place of immovable vehicle

€ 200

Costs of storing the vehicle and transporting the vehicle home

€ 1,000

Replacement driver or repatriation of passengers home or to the destination

€ 600

Rental costs in case of own immovable vehicle

€ 80 / day (max.€ 1,000)

Payment of co-participation in accident insurance in the event of an accident

€ 800


How will any assistance take place?

In the event of a breakdown on the vehicle or a traffic accident, contact the helpline, where they help you solve the problem. Whether it is contacting the nearest service center, organizing towing of an immobile vehicle, booking accommodation, your transport to the destination or home, up to towing an immovable vehicle back home.


Immediate financial assistance in case of theft

- Are you worried about stealing things from your vehicle on your way to vacation or during a trip abroad?

- Are you afraid of theft of valuables in a hotel room or apartment?

- Do you want to be sure that even in the event of theft of funds, you will have money for the return trip?


Holidays should be primarily about rest and relaxation, but crime is unfortunately an integral part of our lives and cannot be completely ruled out. Are you on a trip, you forget your purse on the car seat and before you return for it, you have a broken window and the purse and wallet are gone? Will you come back from the beach and find the door of the room or apartment damaged and you are missing a mobile phone that you had charged in your room? Are you worried that you will not have the funds to travel home in a similar case? With our Immediate Financial Assistance service in the event of theft, we will immediately send you up to € 400.


How will immediate financial assistance in the event of theft take place?

You will go on a trip to Venice, park your car in the parking lot and forget your mobile phone. When you return to the car, you will find that you have a broken window and someone stole your cell phone. Call the local police and have a theft report drawn up. Contact our travel agency and send us a copy of the report together with the account number to which we should send you financial assistance and the currency in which you want to receive assistance (EUR. CHF, PLN, HUF or DKK). Immediately (within two working days at the latest, we will send up to € 400 to your account). You do not have to provide us with a list of stolen items or a confirmation of their purchase. All you need is a confirmation from the police stating that the obstacle has been overcome (eg a broken car window, door, etc.). The funds sent are mainly used to cover the cost of the return trip (fuel, tolls, etc.) and their amount is limited to € 400 or a maximum of half of the total price of the stay (always the lower amount of both). E.g. in case of a stay of  € 600, you will be sent an immediate assistance in the amount of € 300 (or the equivalent in your currency). Immediate financial assistance can be used only once for each reservation.


FAQ - frequently asked questions

How does a cancellation take place without the purchase of additional services if the borders or holiday destinations are quarantined?
If the destination or border closes during your holiday period, we will offer you a change of date or destination, or the issuance of a gift voucher for the amount already paid with a validity of 1 year.


How is the cancellation of the stay with the concluded cancellation insurance - for example, just before departure, our child becomes ill?
It is understandable that you will not want to go on holiday without a family member and you will decide to cancel the holiday completely. The insurance company will require a medical certificate of illness / hospitalization, etc., the travel agency will issue a confirmation of the amount of the cancellation and the insurance company will pay you 90% of the total amount of the cancellation fee.


How do you cancel a stay with a paid Safe Holiday service?
In this case, all you have to do is send a cancellation request from the registered email address no later than 33 days before it starts and Italieonline will cancel it and immediately return the already paid price to your bank account or credit/debit card from which you paid for your stay.


I want to change the date of my stay, is it possible to cancel the Safe Holiday service?

Unfortunately, this service is strictly tied to the given contract and the date of stay and its use begins together with the conclusion of the contract. Therefore, it cannot be canceled after the deposit has been paid and the fee for it will not be refunded. If you want to change the date of stay, it is possible to order the Safe Holiday service for a new date of stay, the price will be calculated based on the price of the new stay.


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