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Share your holiday and gain vouchers for the next one

Have you chosen a holiday stay offered by our tour operator? Share the information with your friends, as you can only gain...


Share your holiday on FB, on your blog or a forum and then just collect your holiday vouchers. The total value of your vouchers is not limited, so you may even enjoy your next holiday free of charge!


 How does it work?

Just share your link on Facebook, on your blog, on a forum, etc. This link includes your personal identifier. If someone comes to www.italieonline.eu via your personal link and makes a booking within 30 days, your identifier will tell us you are the one who should receive the voucher.

My share


What is the voucher worth?

The value of each voucher depends on the price of the corresponding reservation – when the total reservation price is:


Less than 500 €, the voucher value is 10 €

Between 500 and 1000 €, the voucher value is 20 €

Over 1000 €, the voucher value is 40 €



When a voucher is issued to your name, you will be notified by email.


A voucher expires 2 years from its issue date and it can be combined with your review discount. The voucher is non-transferable and will be applied as a one-time discount on your new reservation. The voucher cannot be cashed in or used to pay for the remainder of an existing reservation.


How to share?


On Facebook

If you are signed in at italieonline.eu, just click the RECOMMEND or SHARE Facebook button in details of any accommodation facility.


On your blog or your favourite forum

Insert your personal link to italieonline.eu to your blog or a forum. We have sent you the link by email or you may find it in your profile.


Send the link by email

Send your personal link to your friends or add it to your signature.


The more you share the link, the less expensive your holiday – you might even get your next holiday for free!





Who may participate in this program, collecting vouchers?

Any user registered at italieonline.eu with at least one valid holiday reservation who has been invited into the program by email may collect the vouchers. Since the program started, invitation emails have been sent automatically for all new reservations and we will send them to all other clients with reservations of stays in the 2019 season as well.


How does the identifier work?

If you are signed in at italieonline.eu and click the Share / Recommend Facebook button, the system will take care of everything and automatically use your identifier. However, if you share a link on a blog or forum, please take care to include your ID (you have received it by email or you can have it re-generated from your profile). If your identifier is missing, the system will be unable to match the booking with your ID and issue a voucher for you.


What happens when a client comes through multiple personal links?

The system only registers the last identifier used before booking, so any voucher will be sent to the user with this ID.


When and how will I receive my voucher?

Vouchers are registered in the reservation system and the information on each new voucher is sent automatically by email. You can verify their current state and validity when you log into the reservation system of italieonline.eu.


How can I use my voucher?

You do not have to worry, when you make a new booking, the system will offer to use all of your applicable vouchers as a discount from its total price.


Is there a limit to the total value of used vouchers?

No, there is no limit; if you collect enough vouchers, you can enjoy your holiday for free.


A friend of mine would like to book holiday with you, may I transfer my voucher to them?

No, your vouchers are non-transferable, but you may send your friend your personal link to receive an additional voucher for his or her booking. You may then use it for your next holiday and if you have a lot of friends like this, you may enjoy the holiday completely free of charge.


What if my friend cancels the booking later, will I lose my voucher?

Your voucher will be issued when the client pays the advance payment. Even if the client decides to cancel his or her booking later, your voucher will remain valid.


Where can I share my link?

The best way to share your link is to post it on FB, to tell your friends of your upcoming holiday or as a tip for an interesting location or accommodation. You may also insert the link to your blog or post it on your favourite forums, publish it at your website, etc. 


Where should I not share my link?

Your links must not be shared and published contrary to good manners and/or at inappropriate websites (e.g. sites with porn, erotica, hazard, illegal contents, etc.), also please refrain from using spam etc. If we discover any breach of this policy, we reserve the right to lock the corresponding user account and cancel any already issued vouchers without compensation.


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