Tuscany with its fertile valley, rich vegetation and a pleasant climate is located in the central Italy at the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Tuscany is a point of encounter of a high level civilisation, history, culture, art, architecture and the beautiful nature. The nature is very varied from high peaks of the Apuan Alps, the nice hillsides Chianti to the coastline beaches and islands. It is an area known for its history, architecture, art and the charming scenery. The art centre of this region is surely Florencia with the galerie Uffizi, the bridge Ponte Vecchio, the church Santa Croce and other sights, which attracts many tourists. the towns Lucca, Pisa, Arezzo are also worth visiting. Tuscany has a diverse nature, cultural richness, charmings towns, clear sea, thermal spas, tasty cuisine and famous wine. The new trend in this region is agrotourism.







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