Trip Cancellation Insurance

For all offered types of accommodation, it is possible to take out a separate cancellation or shortening insurance.
If you cannot take a holiday for a serious reason and you have to cancel it, the insurance company will pay you a partial refund of the so-called cancellation fees, which you had to pay in connection with the cancellation of the trip.
The insurance also covers risks associated with Covid-19 disease - for example, if you have a quarantine ordered (due to contact, family illness, etc.) or directly due to Covid-19 disease.
This insurance covers events that make it impossible for the participant or his relative to take leave due to serious illness, injury or death. Details and possible exceptions can be found on the insurance company's website. The total amount of compensation is limited to CZK 120,000 and the insured's co-participation is 10% - after canceling the trip, the TA will issue a confirmation of the amount of cancellation fees charged and the participant submits it to the insurance company together with a doctor's certificate and completed form and then they will pay 90% of the cancellation fees.



Overview of insurance coverage
Cancellation or shortening of the trip due to:

Death, illness or injury of the insured
Death, illness or injury of a family member
Termination of employment due to redundancy
Summons to court to testify
For other events, see the insurance conditions


The insurance starts after concluding a valid travel contract and paying the total price of the trip or deposit of 50% (all payments must be made in due time). The end of the insurance is the moment of the beginning or eventual application of the insured event.


For the insurance of cancellation fees, a premium of 5% of the tour price is paid.



The current version of the general insurance conditions of the Colonnade product, which provides cancellation insurance, can be found here.

The current wording of the special conditions of the cancellation insurance can be found here.

You can use the document here to report an insured event

Withdrawal from the contract here

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