Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is an area located in the heart of the central Italy next to the Jordan Sea. This region is one of the richest ones in Italy thanks to the fertile land, ancient towns and the flourishing industry. It is full of beautiful sandy beaches, shops, restaurants and amusement parks. Emilia Romagna consists of two pasrts, which were united in 1947. This region is known for many natural phenomenons and for its historico - cultural heritage. The capital city os Bologna, which is famous for its medieval palaces.  The towns Ferrara, Ravena, Rimini, Parma or the settlement Montebello and the abbey Pomposa are also worth visiting.

About 30 km westwards from Rimini is the oldest European republic San Marino. This independent state has its own mint, post stamps, football team and even an army of 1000 men.


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