Guide to Italy

Discover Italy. Italian culture, history, customs and attractions

  • Winter in Italy

    Italy is not only beautiful, sandy beaches and warm sea, but also mountains that offer unforgettable winter experiences. In Italy, ideal conditions for skiing await skiers, which prevail from...

  • Summer

    Italy is among Czech tourists the third most visited country. The term holidays in Italy each fit with something different. Someone imagines a sandy beach with azure sea, anotherone creamy Italian...

  • Italy – spa, mountains, agrotourism

    Summer stays in the mountains Did you know that along with the stays by the sea and skiing in the mountains Italy is also ideal destination for summer tourism? Well prepared touristic trails...

  • Transit accommodation Italy

    If you need to find hotel in Italy only for few nights, short-term stay or if you plan far journey to the south of Italy, we arrange for you so called transit accommodation (one night...

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