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    Prices, Fees, Discounts


    a) The price list includes two types of prices: for apartments and for hotels.
    For apartments, the listed price always covers the entire apartment with its specified capacity (the total number of persons specified in the apartment typology should not be exceeded, and that includes both adults and children). However, when booking your holiday, you may ask for accommodation of a child under 2 years of age over the specified limit – for the service of EUR 40.
    For hotels, the price is always listed per person accommodated in a double room with selected board.
    Unless specified otherwise, the stay is for one week. In some marginal cases, the stay duration can be adjusted to meet the needs of our client.
    b) For most apartments, a security deposit is required upon check in; for some apartments, you have to pay mandatory fees for cleaning, club card, and energy consumption as well. Such fees are always specified in the price list under the price table.
    c) Extra charges specified in the price list in euros should be paid upon your check-in at the resort, while any extra charges listed in Czech crowns are paid at the reservation time.
    d) Discounts for each location, except for early booking discounts, are listed at the appropriate place in the price table. Such discounts can be combined with the early booking discount.
    Any child discounts only apply to hotels and only when the child is staying with two paying guests. Children under 2 years of age may stay for free in most hotels, but they are provided with neither bed nor board.


    Individual Requirements

    Specific apartments and rooms are assigned by the lodging provider. Usually, our foreign partner strives to accommodate specific requirements of our clients. However, such requirements must be listed in the Confirmation of your package tour and they are not always granted. We can only guarantee meeting of those additional requirements for which you are required to pay an additional fee.

    If there is an optional service available, whether it is air conditioning, extra bed, cot, or reserved parking lot, please request it at the time of booking! Later requests for such services cannot be confirmed.


    Bus Travel

    The bus travels nonstop, making only mandatory health breaks every 4 hours. As every bus picks up holidaymakers from various places, its route can only be specified when all participants are registered, which might be just a few days before departure, as any vacancies remain on offer till the last possible day. From some points of departure, clients can be collected by a car or minibus, depending on the number of clients. A pick-up bus is only provided for 6 people or more. If the required minimum of 6 people is not reached, the point of departure might change or the tour operator may pay for clients’ bus tickets from the original point of departure to the new one. The provided transport will take you to the resort, not necessarily to your selected lodgings.

    There is no seat reservation system for the buses; seats are assigned to clients in the order in which they register and with regard to individual requirements, if any. Unfortunately, all bus seats will be occupied, including the last row; please do not ask for a separate double seat, as such requirements cannot be met. Please be at your place of departure at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time; if you fail to appear in time, Italieonline shall not be liable for any damages.

    Unexpected events (traffic jams, changing weather, or technical problems) might cause longer travel times. Therefore, the first and the last day are for transport, rather than recreation. We hereby warn you that delays may occur and we shall not be liable for damages which may be incurred to passengers as a result. In such cases, passengers are not entitled to withdraw from the contract or to claim damages. Information on the exact time of departure from your resort will be provided either by your delegate/assistant at the resort or by a text message sent to the mobile phone number specified in your contract, on the day of your departure for the CR.


    Air Travel

    Air travel is provided by charter flights or regular flights. As the air routes are busy by day, most charter flights take place at night. The time specified in the travel instructions you receive before departure should be only considered approximate, as the departure might be delayed because of crowded air corridors, unfavourable weather or other important changes. For night flights, the total duration of your trip may get reduced, but with no impact on paid services. When air transport is provided, the first and the last day are reserved for transport. The customer is aware of and agrees with the fact that possible delay of departure and arrival may cause catering services to be provided in the form of a food package on the day of arrival and/or departure.



    As the size of the bus luggage compartment is limited and buses must not be overloaded for safety reasons, your luggage limit is 20 kg of weight. Backpacks of any type are unsuitable for this kind of transport; please use suitcases. No luggage over the limit (water bottles, beer cartons, etc.) can be transported. Also, no pets or other animals are allowed in the bus.


    Start and End of Stay

    The basic unit of stay duration is one week; in Italy, the check-in date is always Saturday (unless specified otherwise). The official check-in is in the afternoon (no sooner than at 4 p.m.); the check-out is no later than on 9 a.m. on the day of your departure (pursuant to local house rules). Early arrival or late departure does not qualify you for longer use of your lodgings. If you are late and you know the agency will be closed when you arrive, please notify our contact line operator in advance; however, the operator is not liable for any failure of our foreign partner to provide services. If you travel by car, be advised there are frequent delays on the road (which may take several hours), especially during summer holidays (July-August), so make sure you have enough time.

    Throughout the Mediterranean, the siesta is practiced from 12 to 4 p.m. At this time, agencies, shops, and banks are usually closed. Upon check-in, present your accommodation voucher, which specifies prepaid services and travel documents. Vouchers are only provided in electronic form.

    For apartments, you also have to make a returnable deposit (to cover any damage to the apartment), to be returned on the day of your departure for home. The deposit is mandatory and it is made upon arrival in exchange for the keys to your apartment. There is only one deposit for the entire family. For other than family groups, the lodging provider may require a larger deposit of up to 500 EUR/apartment.


    Rules and Policies

    During your stay, you shall observe internal regulations and both local and general rules governing public peace and order. In the course of your stay, please keep the silent hours required by internal regulations of the agency/hotel, usually from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and during the siesta from 12 – 4 p.m. Please be advised that police might be called if you disturb peace and you will be required to pay a disciplinary fine. It is forbidden to hang towels, blankets, or any clothing over balcony railing.



    Apartments are always furnished as described. Typically, they are furnished simply and sensibly with essential furniture plus a kitchenette with a fridge, stove, and common tableware. Usually, apartments are not equipped with microwave ovens and electric kettles. In most cases, there is no bed linen, towels, dishcloth, detergents, matches or items of personal hygiene – you have to provide your own. 


    Apartments are marked using the following notation: mono – a living room with a kitchenette and beds; bilo – a living room with a kitchenette and a separate bedroom; trilo – a living room with a kitchenette a two separate bedrooms; quadri – a living room with a kitchenette and three separate bedrooms. Distribution of beds may not necessarily match the description and fold-out beds are situated in the living room (taking up your living room space). If you prefer more room, it is advisable to rent a larger apartment.


    At check-out, apartments should look the same as at the time of check-in. That means clean and tidy. Even if final cleaning is included in the price, you should clean the kitchenette, defrost and clean the fridge, clean the dishes, and take out the trash. If the apartment is not clean, the local agency may decide to take the payment for cleaning off your deposit. In such a case, please discuss your security deposit, its use, and return on the spot, with the agency handling your deposit, rather than with Italieonline.



    Hotels and the services they provide match their category. Categorisation of lodging facilities may differ from one country to another. Hotels of 1* category serve very modest clientele, 2* hotels provide a lower standard, and 3* a lower-middle standard. Discerning customers should aim for at least 4* hotels.


    Typically, double rooms are provided; any extra beds might be fold-up beds, sofas, or bunk beds, rather than standard beds. Extra beds take up your room space. If you prefer more room, you should require adjoining rooms – two rooms with a common bathroom. Single rooms are usually smaller and often without balcony.

    Hotels in Italia serve smorgasbord breakfasts, only some minor hotels may serve continental breakfasts. For dinner, you may usually select from several menus. Lunch and dinner beverages are not part of the package and must be purchased separately (unless your hotel specifies otherwise).


    Swimming Pool

    Swimming pools are usually open from the middle of June to the middle of September. The lodging provider decides on the exact start and end dates of pool operation based on occupancy and weather, so its use cannot be guaranteed outside of high season (July-August).
    Swimming pools are usually closed during the siesta (12 – 4 p.m.). Pursuant to Italian sanitary regulations, swimming caps are required to use a pool, and you may usually buy them by the pool or at the reception desk. Clients staying in apartments or hotels with no swimming pool shall not use a swimming pool on other premises.


    Beaches and Beach Service

    In Italy, most beaches are subject to a fee (for provided beach service), only a small number is free of charge, and some hotels have private beaches, solely for their guests. Prices of beach service may differ based on location and time of year, ranging from 5 to 20 EUR/day/set (2 chairs/deckchairs and parasol).

    The distance to the beach specified on our website is only indicative, based on information provided by our foreign partner.

    If your package includes beach service, it is always only one set, i.e. 1 parasol + 2 chairs/deckchairs. This is also true for apartments with a larger number of beds. Additional beach sets can be usually purchased on the spot.


    Pets and Other Animals

    For each lodging facility, it is specified whether you may bring your pets. If you travel with your pet, please notify your tour operator at the time of booking. All animals must travel with their certificates of vaccination. Animals are forbidden to enter private beaches, and they may only go to the sea at free beaches or beaches specifically reserved for this purpose. In hotels and residences, they must stay outside common areas, on the leash, and must not disturb or inconvenience other guests.


    Travel Documents

    Pursuant to the Regulation (EC) No. 444/2009 of the European Parliament and Council and pursuant to the Law No. 197/2010 Coll., as of July 1, 2011 children shall no longer be listed in travel documents of their parents. Any records of children in travel documents of their parents are only valid till June 26, 2012; after this date, children may only travel abroad with their own travel documents. This provision also applies to children records in their parents’ identity cards. However, expiry of children records in travel documents of their parents shall not cause expiry of such travel documents.


    General Information, Theft

    While water is almost always potable, it is usually not used for direct consumption. We recommend buying bottled water. In Italy, wall sockets are mostly for thin plugs, so you need to purchase a power converter (for about 2-4 EUR).
    Do not leave any valuables in your rooms and apartments; use strongboxes wherever possible. Neither apartments nor hotel rooms are designed or adapted to store money or valuables. Use the strongbox at the hotel reception desk or at the agency to store your money or valuables. When leaving, close all widows and balcony doors, even close the window blinds. Do not leave your balcony door open at night and always close the blinds.
    Crawling or stinging insects (ants, beetles, mosquitoes…) live in the Mediterranean. Please bring insect repellents. It might be advisable to bring some electric insect repellents as well.



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